While I love eating in general, Italian food is my favorite. So I was excited to find a new Italian restaurant recently opened in Scottsdale and holy s✨t did PARMA deliver!!! Let me get right to it so you can get your carbs on. ALL pasta and dough is made in house, for those of you who don’t think it makes a difference, well…it does and you can taste it. We were also fans of the craft cocktails, normally I pair dinner with wine when dining at Italian restaurants but it was an invigorating departure from my usual routine. Bottom line? Don’t miss the cocktail list and if you’re unsure which way to go simply ask your server.

As you can see, dishes are stunning. I have included titles underneath each image, but I think it would be criminal to send you in without telling you to order the gnocchi. Most Americans are accustomed to gnocchi being a chewy gluten-ee mess, which is simply not correct. When proper, it should feel like little pillows melting away in your mouth. PARMA’s take on it is some of of the best I’ve ever had. Real talk: I’m drooling right now just from thinking about it.

We finished strong with desert, (un)fortunately devouring the tiramisu before the camera could capture it, but we were able to get a gorgeous photo of the butter cake before its obliteration. Both Erik and I walked out the door as fans and are already plotting to come back for more gnocchi.