Erik Velasquez


Often perched behind the lens of his Canon 5D, Erik shoots everything featured on the blog. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a career when he and his partner Samuel decided to launch The Frenchy Toast in 2016. Originally from Los Angeles, Erik currently lives in Phoenix with his partner and their two French Bulldogs: Harvey Winston and Junior.

Prior to meeting his partner and starting their Frenchy family, Erik lived in Las Vegas while attending UNLV for marketing. It was here that he started honing his skills in experiential marketing and public relations. The skillset he developed made him an ideal candidate for account management, which is how he and his partner began working together. Collaboratively they developed several campaigns, each generating hundreds of millions of impressions. They achieved this success through adjusting the marketing mix to include influencers as a viable channel. 

It was Erik’s idea for Samuel to start showcasing his style online and when it was so well received he opted to share his point of view as well. While Erik has curated a substantial engaged following, his audience not only turns to him for advice on style and travel, they follow him to see his photographs. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset or a concert shot captured from the middle of the pit, his stunning work always tells a story.

Erik strives to continue expanding his portfolio as a photographer, while building The Frenchy Toast brand.