Originally from Los Angeles, Samuel currently runs The Frenchy Toast from the sunny Arcadia area of Phoenix with his partner Erik and their two French Bulldogs: Harvey Winston and Junior. Prior to founding the Frenchy Toast blog in early 2016, he spent 10+ years cultivating brands in entertainment, fashion, fitness, beauty and consumer goods. In fact, he never left his career and still works full-time behind the scenes on influencer activations and public relations campaigns.

Samuel’s dogs definitely served as a source of inspiration for The Frenchy Toast brand, because of their unique nature and the immense joy they have brought to his life. However, it was working with influencers daily for several years that prompted him to identify an unmet demand for content. He found that while several male influencers provided a diverse array of styles, there were none who offered an attainable guide to menswear with a street-style edge. Men want to look good, but want it to be simple, seemingly effortless.

Building off of the foundations of his personal fashion, he started styling and shooting outfits for Instagram in 2015. The response he received was so overwhelmingly positive that within months he cultivated a small, but engaged, audience. Through feedback he learned that they wanted more than style advice, they also wanted simple, effortless solutions for travel, nightlife and dining. This led him to numerous content extensions, which are visible on the site today.

Samuel is thrilled to continue building The Frenchy Toast, while helping other businesses achieve their goals through influencer and public relations campaigns.