Nestled in the fabulous LINE Hotel, OPENAIRE delivers a refreshingly new culinary adventure amidst the crowded Los Angeles food scene. I recently went with some of my closest friends on a recent trip and I am HOOKED. The location itself is magical, it’s like being in a greenhouse in SOHO. The juxtaposition of lush plants against the glass walls and ceiling are a fantasy…and let’s be clear I was having all of it. The food was impressive, a stand out was the Steamed Bun "Caprese." I don’t know even how to explain it other than the flawless execution of Chinese Steamed Buns and an Italian Caprese. They may not be the most impressive to look at (note the green balls below, but they will change your life. Everything else we had was spectacular…so have at it. My suggestion: bring friends so you can try everything and take an Uber, as the drinks are on point. You will absolutely find me here next time I’m in town x