We brought in 2018 in the best possible way: flailing ourselves around for two days to the beats of our favorite DJs. Another huge thank you to Relentless Beats for hosting us, and for throwing a kick ass party. Yes, Erik and I wore matching outfits so that neither of us would get lost. Day #1: white overalls from ASOS with a white t-shirt from North and Acrux, Day #2: Adidas tear-away pants (ON SALE) with an Adidas Originals t-shirt (ON SALE).

The lineup was INSANE and the vibe was perfection. No one disappointed and the event was managed so well that there were no breaks, just straight music for days. Did I mention that Armin van Buuren spun the best set I've ever experienced? THE BEST. Scroll through the shots below for more from this incredible festival. Already counting down to CRUSH. Hope to see you there.