I have always had a ton of clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry...but never had a proper place to put things. As a result I would have endless messy closets, over stuffed drawers and boxes bursting with miscellaneous crap. I'm happy to report that those days are over. I'm  SO thrilled to share the process and the results with you! When we moved into our new house Erik and I decided we would create a space where everything would have its own place. However, when we moved into our 4-bedroom house and filled every closet in every room it became clear we needed help! Enter Classy Closets. After connecting with the Classy Closets marketing team they explained their simple and convenient process that would transform an extra bedroom into the custom closet I've always wanted. This collaboration was so much fun!!

We worked directly with one of Classy Closets’ most esteemed designers, Josh Ream, to ensure that our design was functional and beautiful. Although it’s one cohesive concept, it can be easily broken down into modules. I wanted to help people with less room envision the potential of their existing space. Whether it’s a standard closet, walk- in or complete room, designs can be altered to fit any space and any budget!


We have amassed quite a collection of watches and jewelry through a combination of personal collecting and collaborating with brands. It was important for us to be organized, but to also showcase our belongings. We opted for a glass top to our watch and jewelry drawers along with velvet lined inserts to give everything its own place. This area was completed with a couple of our favorite Louis Vuitton bags and I just love the way everything plays off the grey finish and the glass doors on the cabinets!

Image 12-18-17 at 1.16 PM.jpg

Putting outfits is much easier when you can see pieces together. A retractable rod was installed on the side of where we store our jeans. It's perfect because it's out of sight when we aren't using it and it can hold several pieces at once without buckling. The space we were utilizing wasn't the biggest, so we wanted to integrate mirrors. We all know that mirrors make a room feel larger, but they also are essential when checking yourself before you leave the house. We decided on having mirrors on both the inside and outside of the wardrobe whether the doors or open or closed the space just looks incredible! When you design a closet you are faced with design decisions that you might not normally think about. I love the clean lines of the modern handles we chose and if you can get soft close drawers, it really makes a huge difference...especially when you're ripping through them in a hurry like I often do.


Have I mentioned I love shoes? With more than 100 pairs we needed storage, but also a place to actually put them on! The sitting area to the right of our shoe shelving is functional, with plenty of storage space underneath it for bags and luggage. And yes, for those of you paying attention the shoes are organized by color and style.

Every detail was taken into consideration, from floating shelves adjacent to the sitting area to the glass cabinets above the watches. Again, I just love how the room turned out, and it has really opened up our house since we no longer have messy closets, over stuffed drawers and boxes bursting with miscellaneous crap. To learn more about Classy Closets and their wide selection of home storage solutions, visit one of their showrooms or check them out online at To schedule a free in-home/office consultation please call (480) 448-0274 if you are in the Phoenix area or (888) 294-4984 if you live outside Phoenix. Classy Closets also services Tucson, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas!