I have always wanted to go to Portland. So when my childhood friend Sarah, who lives there, invited us to come to her wedding it was a no-brainer. I could not wait to go!! Not only was there excitement to see one of my favorite humans who I had not seen in years, I was going to meet the man who captured her heart and visit a new city....YAAAAAASS!! I love traveling with Erik, especially when we get to go somewhere that neither of us have been before.


Needless to say, the trip was a huge success! Thank you again to The Society Hotel for hosting us. With the hotel's central downtown location, affordable rates ($100 less per night than the competition) and mid-century decor we weren't sure what to expect. However, I am pleased to report that the property did not disappoint. In fact it kicked ass, even the staff were exceptional, constantly going above and beyond for us! I love several things about this hotel...like the perfect cappuccinos we enjoyed whilst the heavy bass of Future's latest album permeated the lobby. My favorite feature of this property is the gorgeous rooftop deck, which offers 360 degree unobstructed views of the entire city. It seems to be a best kept secret among locals who came prepared with Bluetooth speakers and twist off bottles of rose. We followed suit by inviting all of our friends over who were in town for the wedding. There were drinks, new friendships and of course...music...it was a perfect afternoon!


The rooms themselves are quite cozy, with charming city views framed by the large vintage windows! Many of the rooms are setup like a European boarding house where there are several shared, but private, bathrooms on each floor. I recommend staying in one of their suites which are significantly larger, with their own attached bathrooms. A benefit of this situation is having access to more than one when getting ready. The shared bathrooms were very clean and identical to the one attached to our room.


We spent most of our time exploring Portland, eating everything in sight and participating in wedding festivities. The city itself is a foodie's dream. Not only is there an abundance of food, but as a rule it was extremely affordable. Everything was delicious except for our box of Voodoo Donuts that we waited 30 minutes for. All I'm gonna say is this...how could there be a constant line with constant turnover, but the donuts don't taste fresh? Seriously, they all tasted old and stale. We learned from locals that the place to go for kick ass donuts in Portland is Blue Star Donuts...It will be one of our first stops next time. On the flip-side, a place that really stood out was an Italian restaurant, Gallo Nero...try all the pastas! They are all made in house and whether you're a fan of bolognese with pappardelle, fluffy gnocchi or a decadent ravioli....this is the spot. For a more casual experience, take a short trip across the bridge to the Tidbit Food Farm and Garden. It's a collection of food carts offering al fresco dining with everything from ramen to tacos to made-to-order personal pizzas AND they have a very well-curated selection of craft beers.


I feel like we were on the go the entire time we were in Portland, which really allowed us to experience its diversity! The city itself is a wonderfully lush contrast to the desert we call home. It's beyond picturesque...a large channel of water is lined with a seemingly endless supply of stunning new modern construction juxtaposed against striking Victorian architecture. There was so much nature and beauty everywhere. For those of you who haven't been to Portland I strongly recommend it!