Coachella has become my favorite time of the year, dethroning my long standing relationship with Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I still love me a good Christmas tree, razzle dazzle and holiday cheer.....but Coachella is pretty much the best thing ever. Unfortunately my favorite annual event was massacred last year due to some poor life choices at Jack in the Box on our way home from Neon Carnival around 5am. So this year I made sure to be an adult and properly prepare, making this year the best one to date. Erik and I set off to Coachella with two of our close friends Peter and Yesenia; PS if you want to trick out your ride or get the best detail in Arizona call Peter, the owner of Arizona's Best Detailing, at (602) 471-8203, you are welcome in advance and no this is not an ad.


Now back to our adventure! Peter rented the biggest SUV he could find so our drive would be comfortable, but really so all of our shit could easily be brought with us. I know shocker, the four of us take Coachella very seriously and over pack accordingly. This year we rented the same house Erik and I found the year before last. It's perfect, located directly across the street from the festival with two bedrooms and three is perfect for two couples. The only thing it doesn't have is a pool, which really is only a prop for the "obligatory douchebag at Coachella by the pool Instagram shot." I know, I'm not sure how we survived either. Actually a highlight of the house is the gas fireplace that we would turn on nightly, along with the AC, whilst discussing how epic the happenings of the day were. Not gonna lie, wish I was laying by it with the fam in my undies once again.

Coachella has become a mecca for fashion, if you haven't already checked it out, be sure to read our Last Minute Coachella Style Guide. For those of you who have asked, here is a full breakdown of what Erik and I wore along with links to where you can purchase all the individual pieces:

DAY I x @SamuelAnthony Sunglasses: Giant Vintage | Necklaces: CLUTCH | Cuff: CLUTCH | Bracelet: Alexander Mcqueen | Tank: Inaugural Season | Cut Offs: YoungATM | Boots: Dr. Marten's


DAY I x @CasualFridaze51 Sunglasses: Giant Vintage| Necklace: CLUTCH | Watch: KYBOE! | Shirt: Inaugural Season | Backpack: Venque |Cut Offs: 12am Run | Sneakers: Koio Collective

DAY II x @SamuelAnthony Sunglasses: Giant Vintage| Necklaces: CLUTCH | Bracelet: Alexander Mcqueen | Shirt: Quintin Co | Cut Offs: Diesel | Sneakers: Giuseppe Zanotti

DAY II x @CasualFridaze51 Sunglasses: Giant Vintage| Necklace: CLUTCH | Watch: Vandy Watches | Shirt: Lakers x Adidas | Backpack: Venque |Cut Offs: True Religion | Sneakers: Custom Kobe Bryant x Nike


DAY III x @SamuelAnthony Sunglasses: Giant Vintage| Necklaces: CLUTCH | Bracelet: Alexander Mcqueen | Shirt: Kid Dangerous | Cut Offs: Hudson | Sneakers: Giuseppe Zanotti

DAY III x @CasualFridaze51 Sunglasses: Giant Vintage| Necklace: CLUTCH | Watch: KYBOE! | Shirt: Kid Dangerous | Backpack: Venque | Cut Offs: DSTLD | Sneakers: Converse x John Varvatos


Part of the hype of Coachella is the excitement surrounding potential cameos. Fans eagerly push through the crowds to secure a choice spot with the hopes that their preferred headliner will bring out an illusive A-lister. This year we didn't catch any of them...I know "Weekend 2," but every set we went to was straight fire. Our favorite were hands down: Kendrick, DJ Snake, Future, Dillion Francis, Skepta, Banks, Martin Garrix, Travis Scott and Gaga. Erik was able to record some insane content while we were at the festival and edited it into this sick video...ENJOY and hope to see you at the Sahara tent next year xx