Coachella is just days away and you have nothing to wear. I know, and...I got you. Use this cheat sheet to make sure your festival style is on point. Shop the pieces by clicking on the images below xx


I’m always looking for an excuse to wear a crown, my go to: Clutch Crowns.

A backpack is essential, since you will be at the festival for 10+ hours a day. I love the bags from Venque (top left)Will Leather (top right) and Givenchy (bottom).


Bigger IS better, the massive watches from KYBOE! look DOPE coming in a variety of neon (and traditional) colors, plus...they light up.

Glow sticks, these are the best because they are cheap and an awesome way to make a million new friends. I recommend getting yours from Amazon.

PS - don't forget to bring a can be dusty AF, but there’s no reason not to get one with a unique design. My personal fav has Hello Kitty on it. If you can't find one or you forget, don't worry they sell basic ones at the festival.


Keep it simple and clean with tees that fit perfectly from Inaugural Season (they also make sick hats) or North & Acrux. Kid Dangerous has everything you need for the perfect graphic tees...don’t be afraid to cut off the sleeves. Case and point....


Cut off jeans (tighter cuts from Diesel, Guess (shown below) or Hudson make the best 🙌) or a pair of Zanerobe Sureshots are always my go to. To make sure you cut your jeans at the right length put them on mark the length you want with a non-permanent marker.

| Crown: Clutch Crowns | Glasses: Gucci | Bandana: Hello Kitty | Shirt: Kid Dangerous | | Backpack: Givenchy | Shorts: Guess | Shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti



Your shoes are going to get totally f’ed up, so do yourself a favor where shoes that are durable and comfortable. I have an old pair of Giuseppe Zanotti (shown above) that I always break out but some other festival favs are solid boots from Dr. Marten’s (shown right), Timberland (shown top left) or Skechers (shown bottom left)!


No matter what style you end up going with make sure to have fun, drink lots of water and don’t drink and drive! We will be going Weekend #2, if you see us say hi!