2016 was an incredible year for us personally and professionally. We jumped head first into blogging, while simultaneously refining our business. The most exciting part of this adventure by far has been all of the traveling and when it came to planning our New Year's Eve it was no different. After brief deliberation we decided on San Francisco... Erik had never been and some of our closest friends live there. PLUS a few LA homies were down to meet us to sprinkle some cheer on our NYE.




We flew into town a day early to play tourists for a night. Our friends over at Pier 2620 were nice enough to host us in one of their impeccably appointed suites. We knew it was going to be magical when we were greeted with freshly baked treats, champagne and other goodies. Furthermore, the rooms ARE STUNNING...check the shots above! I mean, we were ready to move in.


Aside from the glorious decor, the hotel delivered a SOLID breakfast. If you've been to San Francisco you know that traversing the city involves lots of walking uphill, so you do not want to skimp on the most important meal of the day. As you can see above we clearly didn't take any chances. The irony is that for all my dramatic apprehension about extensive walks uphill, the Fisherman's Warf, our first stop, was only two blocks away. This was a must-see for us as Erik loves wildlife and there is an awesome display of seals basking in their splendor while soaking up the sun.


There is so much to see in SF, and although it is ranked one of the most expensive cities in the country, you can see a lot of cool sh*t without paying a penny. We hiked up to the Bernal Heights Summit, stared blankly at the "Full House" house, and drank champagne with our girls (hey girl heyyyyyy) at The Palace of Fine Arts. The overall highlight of the trip was hands down our friend's NYE party. At the ripe age of 32 I had forgotten the simple perfection of a good old fashioned house party. We drank, we danced, we sang...twas wunderbaar...and I loved our outfits. Nothing says fancy like bombers, baseball caps and button ups. It was our 3rd New Year's celebration together and I look forward to many more. Happy New Year Y'All!