Road Trip: Santa Fe
Even as a child I loved road trips, driving...exploring! I constantly look for an excuse to grab Erik, jump in the car and go on an adventure. So I was thrilled to take a 9-day excursion to New Mexico, where we had the most incredible time. My heart is so full!

Our friends at Lexus lent us a fully loaded Lexus RX350, which we were excited to try out. Although it's their mid-sized model, it had an extremely spacious interior and tons of trunk space. Trunk space becomes a MAJOR priority for a long-term blogging road-trip due to several unnecessary outfits and even an iMAC... Most importantly, the vehicles efficient engine provided a reprieve from the less than stellar mileage I get in my car.


We packed several goodies for our trip, but I was stoked to try out our new monogrammed luggage and backpacks from Will Leather Goods! Their attention to detail and quality is matched only by their clean, yet sophisticated, designs. It's one of those staple brands where it's challenging to just buy one item since I want everything they make...LOL!


Per usual, Erik made the perfect co-pilot and our voyage in the RX 350 was smooth and comfortable. We got in late, around 10:30pm, and could NOT have been happier to pull into The Inn of the Alameda in the heart of Santa Fe's historic downtown, footsteps from The Plaza. I highly recommend booking a Santa Fe suite, specifically room #136 if it's available, thank you again Christina...we absolutely loved the room.


The property is so tranquil and quiet, we brought our things to the room and helped ourselves to some firewood in our sprawling front yard and immediately started a fire in our bedroom's kiva fireplace...OMG it was glorious. We grabbed the boys, jumped into bed and knocked out! It was such a perfect moment that I am catching myself serving a shameless smile, as I write this piece.


The next morning we woke and promptly enjoyed the walk-in shower in our freshly renovated bathroom. I have to say that I usually am apprehensive about the premise of "continental/free breakfast" at hotels, but this one did not disappoint! There was a huge selection of home cooked dishes, ripe fruits and freshly baked pastries...we took advantage of it every day except for when we went to my favorite restaurant for breakfast burritos, Tia Sophia's!


Some of you already know that I grew up between Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA. So in many ways this trip felt like I was visiting home...complete with seeing old friends and of course...lots of eating! Many people don't realize that Santa Fe has its own unique cuisine, which includes never-ending variations of a regional ingredient: roasted green hatch chiles. If you haven't visited yet, Go! When you get there, make sure to try the following eats:

  • Coffee bean ice cream with w/piñon crisp & "cajeta" (goat's milk) caramel is quite possibly the greatest dessert on earth and is served at Santa Cafe´ (shown below, with their bread pudding hiding in the background)
  • Fresh guacamole made table-side to your specifications at Gabriel's Santa Fe..pairs well with several refreshing margaritas!
  • Chicken chalupas with green chile make the perfect lunch portion at Tomasita's, and are surprisingly light!
  • Baja Tacos is tiny taco shop, just use the drive-through, get the hard chicken tacos. You're welcome in advance.

There are several other great restaurants and experiences in Santa Fe, which I will cover on my next visit! Stay tuned and let me know what else you would like to see on the blog xx