Road Trip: Sedona

Sometimes Erik and I get so caught up in work that we forget to take time out for ourselves. This past weekend we had the pleasure of running away for quick vacation. Lexus let us try out a 2016 NX 200t F Sport for the ride, which made our trip a little more exciting and it was much better on gas than both of our cars. So last Friday we took a half day and headed out to Sedona, AZ!


The Rouge Hotel & Spa was kind enough to host us at their beautiful property. The decor made it feel like a step up from home, but with all the comforts...most notably a bed you could melt into. For those of you who haven't been to Sedona, make time for a trip. There are beautiful vistas everywhere you look, and the views from our balcony did not disappoint (check out pictures from the property and our room below).


Erik and I love to eat -- so we were stoked to try out as much as we could. We had breakfast at Red's, the restaurant inside The Rouge Hotel & Spa, both mornings. Don't skip it when you're in town. Do yourself a favor and make sure to order the blueberry pancakes, they are not on the menu but were times 10. Just looking at the picture I took at our last breakfast makes me want to go back (see below).


Although there are two Starbucks in Sedona, we broke our routine to try something new and discovered Creekside Coffee. Most importantly...their coffee is delicious. They have an incredible wrap around terrace with picturesque views of Sedona's rocky red mountains. I'm not a morning person, in case my expression didn't give that away, but it was magical being there enjoying my coffee at 7am on Saturday! Speaking of magical... Duck Tales. You're welcome.


We had a mind blowing dinner at Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante. They served the best lasagna I've ever eaten out. Erik and I devoured it so quickly we couldn't get one shot of it...LOL! However, I did manage to snap a quick shot of the salad we ordered, which had the most incredible Amaretto glazed pecans...order that too. It's called the Della Casa Exotica Salad!


Since it was such a short trip we weren't able to schedule any spa services, but from talking to other guests and locals, The Rouge Hotel & Spa has one of the best in town. Basically, it's at the top of our list for the next trip, which we are ready to start planning.


From the hotel to the food, the hiking to simply lounging by the pool...Sedona offered us the perfect getaway and it's only two hours from home!